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Spring at Deep Creek Lake

Shake your cabin fever and head to Deep Creek Lake and experience the colorful beauty of spring in the mountains!

Once the snow starts melting, we all get spring fever here at Deep Creek Lake. It’s too warm for skiing, but too cold for lake activities, so it’s a fun transition between the two most popular seasons and is often one of the best times to visit.

Outdoor Activities

April is a beautiful month as we see the landscape drastically shift from frozen to thriving. It’s a great time to go explore any of our several state parks and go for a hike. Spring generally has moderately warm days and cool nights, and is a less busy time of year. Exploring the area during spring means beating both the heat and the crowds. It’s also a good time for biking on the road or on mountain bike trails! Spring is prime time for fishing, whether on the lake or in a nearby river. The tail end of spring is the beginning of our summer season, which kicks off Memorial Day Weekend. The water is typically still a little chilly through May and the beginning of June, but it still feels great to get that first swim in on a hot day!

Indoor Activities

As true with every spring, rain is required to revitalize the land. As our ‘wet season,’ you may find yourselves stuck under a roof. Much like fall, it’s a great time to get to know the area and sample different restaurants and shops in neighboring towns. Grantsville, located 20 minutes north of Deep Creek Lake, has several dining and shopping options, like the Cornucopia Café. Oakland is just 15 minutes south of the lake, and has a beautiful downtown section with several antique stores, specialty shops, and an old school diner. Oakland also has several museums displaying the history of local transportation and the growth of our area. If you’re not looking to venture too far from the lake, there are still several restaurants and shops in the immediate lake area.


Most of the big events of the spring season happen towards the end, as we begin winding up for the summer season towards Memorial Day. Live music and concerts begin popping up at local bars and venues as we all shake off the winter blues. Golf is a popular spring sport, and several local courses host