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Deep Creek Lake offers wonderful downhill and cross-country skiing!

The mountainous terrain and high elevation of Garrett County and Deep Creek Lake make it a prime location for lots of snow and great downhill skiing! Averaging a whopping 100 inches of snow annually, our area often receives significant snow in relation to nearby cities and regions. The combination of natural snow and high elevation makes our area a skier’s dream!

Downhill Skiing

Deep Creek Lake is home to Maryland’s only ski resort, Wisp Resort. Wisp Resort opened in the winter of 1955 and has been growing, building, and expanding since. Offering 172 acres of ski terrain and 34 downhill slopes, Wisp has become a winter hot spot for ski and snowboard enthusiasts.

Wisp offers a wide variety of terrain to appease all levels of skiers in an almost even breakdown of their skiing terrain – 35% beginner, 38% intermediate, and 27% expert. With only a few exceptions, all of the terrain is well lit and excellent for night skiing, too! Wisp staffs an experienced snowmaking and grooming team, which allows them to maintain the slopes and keep them in their best condition.

In addition to their downhill terrain, Wisp Resort also offers terrain parks and bunny slopes, complete with towropes and conveyors. The terrain parks are maintained by staff and redesigned throughout the season. You can even compete or watch their competitions! The addition of the new Sundown Village area has allowed Wisp to create a very safe environment for beginners, too! With an easy conveyor belt and wonderful instructors, learning how to ski or snowboard has never been easier!

Cross-Country Skiing

The ample snow our area receives makes it the perfect environment for cross-country skiing! While you can pretty much do cross-country skiing anywhere, our area offers so many options and trails open to the public.

Garrett County is home to seven state parks, many of which offer trails perfect for cross-country skiing! You can not only enjoy moderate to challenging skiing at these parks, but you can also rent all your equipment there, too! Some parks even groom their trails when there’s enough snow. Herrington Manor State Park and New Germany State Park are the best local spots to check out!

When the lake freezes over and the ice is thick enough, snow will settle on the ice and you’ll usually see skiers taking advantage of the smooth, flat surface of the lake! If you don’t have direct access to the lake, you can access the lake at the boat launch or Deep Creek Lake State Park!